Art and Artists


What do we see when art looks to the future?

Why the art of Felix González-Torres resonates now

100 years later, German artist Joseph Beuys remains a contentious visionary

Art reimagined in the cinematic world of Netflix and HBO

Alicja Kwade questions our notions of time and space


Five trends that defined the art world in 2020

Five works of art that resonated deeply with the year

How Mary Weatherford’s paintings take us on evocative journeys within

Yayoi Kusama’s art and life blurs lines between fantasy and reality

Artist Oscar Murillo understands this political moment

Why Spanish artist Javier Calleja is a hit in Asia and beyond

Joel Shapiro’s sculptures are a necessary reminder of human physicality in our present time

Why Sterling Ruby’s art is both terrifying and trending now

Five most exciting art world collaborators

Street art beyond the art market is political

Beneath the mask of Anton Del Castillo

Iconic Abstract artist Hsiao Chin on love, art and spirituality 


Art defining 2020 and the decade ahead

9 young asian artists to watch out for in 2020

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