Diverse Art & Art Scenes


The best booths at Art Basel Hong Kong, where poignant artworks explore various crises

Five exhibitions to see in Singapore during ART SG


Dubai lowdown: must-see exhibitions

Has Singapore’s cultural tourism focus got the balance right?

In trying times, Buddhist art offers spiritual refuge

Curatorial duo behind Lyon Biennale discuss organising their exhibition: “This is a manifesto. This is the only way forward”

Will Singapore’s art biennale see it become the region’s top cultural centre?

Charwei Tsai’s latest exhibition contemplates loss and healing in the 21st century


Why the art of Felix González-Torres resonates now

There is no stopping Amoako Boafo’s spirited portrayals of Black joy


Five works of art that resonated deeply this year

Yayoi Kusama’s art and life blurs lines between fantasy and reality

Artist Oscar Murillo understands this political moment

Mongolia’s contemporary art could be what we need right now

Why are we not paying attention to Latin American art?

Start paying attention to female street artists

Street art beyond the art market is political 

Beneath the mask of Anton Del Castillo 

Iconic abstract artist Hsiao Chin on love, art and spirituality

Oversimplifying the history of anarchy on the Asian continent


Nine young Asian artists to look out for in 2020

Hong Kong collector Patrick Sun on supporting LGBTQ art and artists

Filipino artists Ronald Ventura on his ostentatious and immersive work 

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