Diversity & Inclusiveness


Despite legal crackdowns, unpaid internships are still rife in the art world

A closer look at the Bangladeshi art scene since the pandemic

What Southeast Asia’s art scene tells us about the road to pandemic recovery 

There is no stopping Amoako Boafo’s spirited portrayals of Black joy


The art world’s blind spots in dealing with unemployment

Does the art world know what social responsibility means?

Mongolia’s contemporary art could be what we need right now

Why museums from the Met to the Louvre are facing a reckoning

Why are we not paying attention to Latin American art?

Oversimplifying the history of anarchy on the Asian continent

Start paying attention to female street artists


Hong Kong collector Patrick Sun on supporting LGBTQ art and artists


I saw him among my audience: Actor-Singer Caleb Goh on how he met his husband


Women in Singapore are saying #MeToo

Tapping theatre’s magic to discuss race issues in Singapore

Singapore writers on writing about race

Starhub’s National Day video “uncomfortable” to some netizens

Radio play with ludicrous accents re-recorded following online protests


Singapore pioneer contemporary artist taking a blood oath in response to his controversial performance being excluded from Singapore Biennale 2016

Reflecting on National Gallery Singapore ‘Empire Ball’ outcry 

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