Art & Tech


Olivia Rodrigo is not the only reason the art world needs to pay attention to copyright and IP

What do we see when art looks to the future?

Immersive art trends to look out for in 2021

The perils of social media in the art world

NFTs in IRL: the rise of digital art galleries in physical spaces

Is NFT the future of the art world?

Art Gate VR CEO Brendon McNaughton on the role of virtual reality in the art world


Art Basel OVR and why the art world needs to simplify

Why are Animal Crossing and Live Streaming popular in the art world today?

How sustainable is the art world going online during COVID-19?

The art world is going digital amidst closures. Will it work?

Art and Artificial Intelligence


The future is here. Is Singapore art scene ready?


Instagram helps artists get their works seen and sold

Singapore’s first GIF Festival to take place in October


Is the Internet killing good writing as we know it?

“Keyboard Warrior” turns satirical illustrator

Future World: Where Art Meets Science – In Conversation with teamLab

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