Art Market


Despite legal crackdowns, unpaid internships still rife in the art world

Market Chats: What Hershey’s and Mars tells us about the art market’s consolidation landscape

What Mr Doodle tells us about Asian art market appetites 

How König Galerie encapsulates major art market trends today

Young Artists Salman Toor and Jadé Fadojutimi Steal The Show At Phillips and Poly 20th Century & Contemporary Art Evening Sale

There is no stopping Amoako Boafo’s spirited portrayals of Black joy


Artist Oscar Murillo understands this political moment

On collecting Surrealist art

Global Head of the UBS Art Collection Mary Rozell on how the art market has changed

Why is art financing on the rise now?

What does Europe’s post-lockdown art world look like?

What role can art collectors play in an art world adversely impacted by COVID-19?

Latin American art collector Benedicta Badia de Nordenstahl is drawn to the art that appalls her

How Indonesia’s ROH Projects is taking on the art world


Ten art market trends of 2019 

Indonesian gallerist Melin Merrill on the making of RUCI Art Space


Loaned masterpieces – public service or private gain?

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