Global Art Market Trends


With a new headquarters in West Kowloon, Phillips wants to shake up the sale calendar from Hong Kong

ART SG explained: Why Asia’s most anticipated art fair took years to launch and how it will compare to regional rivals

Long-delayed ART SG finally makes its debut – and Singapore is ready

S.E.A. Focus, a curatorial alternative to ART SG, offers a concise look at Southeast Asia art scenes

Singapore’s standing in the global art market could rise as international galleries flock to the city


Auction houses are doubling down on Asia by opening new headquarters and expanding their teams

Inside collector Takeo Obayashi’s sanctuary for art in Tokyo

Inside the growing Tokyo art market

Relief for Art Week Tokyo galleries as Japan eases travel restrictions

Japan’s art market could soon rapidly expand – but only if a new art fair planned for next year is a success

As art capitals rise elsewhere in Asia, Hong Kong’s art scene focuses on all things local

Collectors throng Kiaf and Frieze as Seoul stakes its claim as an art market hub

Sotheby’s first auction in Singapore is a success, signalling Southeast Asian art market’s strength

Singapore’s art market is capitalizing on the Hong Kong exodus

Singapore’s Gillman Barracks to become lifestyle destination after several major galleries give up their leases

A pared down Art Basel in Hong Kong is saved by remote sales and a heightened focus on Asian art 

Against all odds, Hong Kong’s gallery scene is on the up

What you need to know about the contemporary art market in Korea

What the gamification of money tells us about young Asian art collectors 


Digital disruptions, young collectors, and a dominating Asia—five trends that defined the art world this year

 Why the art world needs to pay attention to the ongoing supply chain crisis 

What Hershey’s and Mars tells us about the art market’s consolidation landscape

The pressure points of global art fairs: from ineffectiveness of OVRs to insular VIP parties

KIAF Seoul 2021 draws impressive local collectors, international art dealers and Korean celebrities in ramp up to Frieze Seoul

‘Local galleries need to wake up, learn to compete with the real deal’: what Seoul’s galleries think of the influx of international dealers

Taipei’s community of art collectors has turned the city into a leading art hub 

Basquiat Painting Sold Below Record at HK$163 Million During Bumpy Sotheby’s Hong Kong Fall Auctions

How König Galerie encapsulates major art market trends today 

Art Basel’s flagship fair returns IRL with push and pull between past and future 

Young Artists Salman Toor and Jadé Fadojutimi Steal The Show At Phillips and Poly 20th Century & Contemporary Art Evening Sale 

Despite legal crackdowns, unpaid internships still rife in the art world

Are art galleries and auction houses turning the tables on art fairs?


 A desperate art market, the surge of the surrealist and a determined Asia—here are five trends that defined the art world

Latin American galleries taking over Art Basel Miami Beach OVR with hybrid approach

The cultural paralysis of Frieze, Basel and other art fairs

Why is art financing on the rise now?

Global Head of the UBS Art Collection Mary Rozell on how the art market has changed

What does Europe’s post-lockdown art world look like? 

What role can art collectors play in an art world adversely impacted by COVID-19?

Major art fairs from Frieze to Art Basel make moves to stay afloat but at what cost? 

 How Indonesia’s ROH Projects is taking on the art world 


Indonesian gallerist Melin Merrill on the making of RUCI Art Space

What an art fair in Jakarta can mean for the Southeast Asia art scene

The fall of Art Stage Singapore


Loaned masterpieces: public good or private gain

Hopping on a broken bandwagon 

Susan Santoso steps down as Art Stage Jakarta’s artistic director 

New commercial platform for 2019 Singapore Art Week

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